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Anderson Kitchen and Bath Design manages your project from planning stages to finish. Their valued tradesmen team work together, providing a smooth transition into each phase of your renovation.  A meeting with these gentlemen during the early stages of the planning process creates the confidence that you are in good hands.  We strive to provide a creative and enriching experience, delivering your investment on time and on budget.

The Anderson Experience

 The following tabs explains the order of events in our design and renovation process.

Phase 1 - Home Consultation, Planning and Budgeting

Meeting #1 

  • Home consultation with Brenda Anderson
  • Photograph, measure, and discuss the space, options and clients’ visions of the home
  • Record notes, and set up time goals for next appointments
  • Consultation fee is discussed and explained at this appointment
  • Schedule next meeting
  • 2 to 3 hours

Meeting #2

  • Presentation of minimum of 3 scaled and detailed floor plans for the room, (unless otherwise decided)
  • (A minimum of 3 hours has been spent on design and sourcing of materials in preparation of this meeting.)
  • Decide on plan preference, various materials and options to be priced
  • 2 ½ to 3 hours

Meeting #3

  • AKBD will present specific written budget assessment for selection of cabinets, counters, sink, faucet, appliances, and flooring material
  • Discuss construction work, flooring, patterns, electrical layout, and plumbing details in preparation for step 2
  • Plans are property of AKBD, and are not released to clients at this time.
  • Notes are recorded for modifications needed for next meeting
  • Schedule next meeting
  • 2- 2 ½ hours


  • Modifications in plans and pricing may take two or three more meetings before clients are ready for phase 2
  • When this is accomplished, retainer is paid to AKBD, and we continue to phase 2
Phase 2 - Completion of Planning, Trade Day and Contract Signing

Meeting #1

  • Review planning and pricing of renovation for purpose of purchase.
  • Complete elevations of floor plans to be drawn to scale and detailed.
  • Clients to receive copy of floor plans and elevations.
  • Door samples are ordered.
  • Schedule trade day.

Meeting #2

  • Trade day is today!
  • AKBD and trades meet clients in their home with plans and work lists
  • They discuss different aspects of the renovation with each other to ensure accurate quotes. (This meeting is approx. 1 ½ hours)
  • Trade quotes are submitted to AKBD within 5 working days.
  • Next meeting is scheduled to present contract and pricing of the entire project in detailed format in the showroom.


  • AKBD provides qualified subcontractors who specialize in renovation and design work. Each of our trades is insured and conforms to the highest industry standards and practices.
  • We have a longstanding relationship of over ten years with these gentlemen. They have all done work in our homes. They come when we ask them to come. They do a wonderful job. Clients love them. We love them.
  • AKBD and our qualified trades make every effort to anticipate hidden or unknown variables during the renovation process. Dependent on the nature of the task, certain obstructions or hidden elements may not be self-evident and cannot be determined until the work begins.
  • Contingencies may include but are not limited to structural integrity of walls or support beams, inability to reuse aged pipes, ducts, grills, registers, louvers or wiring, imperfections or decay in substructure.
  • AKBD will advise the client at the earliest time and review any additional expenses associated with the remedy of the deficiency.

Meeting #3

  • Final appointments with clients are arranged to present contract and make modifications before sending into production.
  • Detailed lists of inclusions are written in contract and reviewed plans are signed by clients
  • Ordering deposit is received using Visa, Mastercard or cheque.


  • Discussion of renovation timeline done in rough.
  • Our firm timeline is based on week of cabinet delivery, and working backward on the calendar to determine when work will begin.
  • Cabinet delivery is approximately 5 weeks from the time AKBD transmits the order. When AKBD signs off that the order is correct, the project is in production and we receive a specific delivery week the project will be delivered to the clients’ home
  • Delivery date can also be assigned by AKBD with sufficient 2 week notice if needed.
Phase 3 – Order of Materials, Schedules, Updates
  • Final details of renovation, pricing and order preparation.
  • Order all cabinetry and materials and prepare schedule for project management of trades.
  • Supply trades with updates.
  • Provide client and trades with thorough work schedule after cabinet delivery date is received
  • Our renovation schedule is based on cabinet delivery dates. The timeline is determined working back from the delivery week. This ensures a very well managed project.
Phase 4 - Renovation Stages
  • Initiation of renovation to begin with all materials onsite as required per time line
  • Order of time line as follows-
  • Demolition begins, electrical and plumbing rough in work, inspection, close drywall and tape, flooring, cabinets, counters, hook ups and backsplash.
  • Access to the home can be done using a lock box to ensure client’s ease to tend to their regular daily routines.
  • Sometimes a temporary kitchen needs to be arranged by AKBD in another area of the home
  • Site visits or phone calls occur each day either with the client or contractor.
  • Meetings will occur at job site with each of our trades, usually the first day to go over details. We request the client be present.
  • Deficiencies and concerns are addressed in a timely manner
  • Delivery payment is due 3 days before cabinetry delivery
  • Inspection is done when cabinetry is unpacked. Any damaged pieces are reported and replaced within 10 working days of order. Scheduling of the cabinet installer will need to be arranged for his return.
  • There is an approximate ten working day wait between the countertop template and installation. During this time, we continue to expedite as much as possible. This is a good time period to paint and arrange for backsplash installation.
  • Clients may move their items into their cabinets
  • Countertop is installed, and connections are made.
  • Last 5% payment is required.
  • You now have a working kitchen or bathroom, or other space!
  • Backsplash is installed, and finishing touches go in place.
Phase 5 - Completion
  • We love to see the vision become the reality!


  • An addendum will be calculated and presented as a separate document, indicating additional changes or modifications, after the contract is signed.


  • Should clients choose to return any item once it’s been ordered, it is strictly at the suppliers’ discretion and subject to his/her restocking fee. Custom orders cannot be restocked or returned.

Closing Comments

The work we do is not linear. It is fraught with subtle twists and turns.  As experts, we navigate those curves with great efficiency.


It takes hundreds of people to make your renovation a success. When things go wrong, concerns are resolved in a very timely manner. 


We want to give our clients an exceptional design experience with Anderson  Kitchen and Bath Design Inc.  In turn, they give us high recommendations to their family and friends.  They are very special people.

Fee Schedule 2018

Step 1 - Consultation and Budgeting

  • Home consultation with clients to measure, and design minimum of 3 scaled floor plans for presentation, (unless otherwise decided). 
  • One to three presentations of plans to determine design.
  • AKBD to do specific budget assessment for selection of cabinets, counters, sink, faucet, appliances, and flooring material.
  • Plans are property of AKBD, and are not released to clients at this time.
  • This phase covers approximately 20 hours of our individual time, but we do not cut off our work at that point nor charge more to continue.
  • This investment becomes a credit toward the purchase of the project and is not refundable.


(Construction, electrical and plumbing estimates to be calculated in step 2)

Step 2 – Retainer

  • Continue planning and pricing of renovation for the purpose of purchase.
  • Complete scaled and detailed elevations of floor plans for client approval.
  • Clients to receive copies of floor plans and elevations.
  • Arrange trades to meet clients in their home to discuss and assemble information for quote.
  • Complete final budget assessment for client approval
  • Retainer becomes a credit toward the purchase of the project and is not refundable.

10% of Budget Assessment Determined in Step 1.   

Step 3 – Ordering Deposit

  • Final details of renovation, pricing and order preparation.
  • Order materials and prepare schedule for project management of trades.
  • Supply trades with updates.
  • Provide client with work schedule after cabinet delivery date is received.
  • Renovation to begin with all materials onsite when required, as per time line

50% of Total Investment 

Step 4 – Delivery Payment

  • Initial payments of $2,000 and retainer payment will be deducted from the delivery payment
  • Required three days before cabinet delivery

45% of Total Investment

Step 5 – Final Payment

  • Due when counters are installed, electrical and plumbing connections done.

5% of Total Investment


An addendum will be calculated and presented as a separate document indicating additional changes or modifications after the contract is signed, and to bill for accumulated hourly fees each week.

Full Payment Due at Issue

Hourly Fees

  • Hourly fees are in effect when AKBD does planning or sourcing for client other than what is included in the agreement. An example of this may be for sourcing light fixtures, or furniture selection or layouts. 
  • Time is logged and listed on a separate addendum, payable on issue.

$100 per hour

Methods of Payment

Cheque, Visa or Mastercard

Brenda Anderson

Brenda Anderson

Brenda Anderson is a creative, seasoned designer, whose successful past brings over twenty five years of experience and expertise to her clients, renovating all areas of their home.

Member of National Kitchen and Bath Association
Member of Oakville Chamber of Commerce
Director of Professional Network Association - Port Credit
Board Member of Port Credit BIA 2013-2017
Member of Brant Women Network Group
Member of Halton Chapter – Company of Women
Nat'l Kitchen & Bath Association Award Winners - 2011 & 2013
Stars of Mississauga South – 2014  & 2015 & 2017
Featured in Toronto Home Magazine Autumn Issue 2013

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